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In 18th-century London, a man named Jack Harris published an annual guide entitled Harris´s List of Covent Garden Ladies, which noted the ladies´ skills at prostitution. If you´ve ever used a Zagat or Frommer´s guide, or Consumer Reports, you have an idea of how popular Harris´s list must have been. Susie reads from a New Yorker article by Nicola Twilley that details how the guide evolved and who made it onto the selective list. Next, masturbating while co-habiting - the dos and don´ts. Author Maureen Connor, writing in New York magazine, asks if happy couples living together need to masturbate. Susie is all over this topic. It seems plenty of couples still enjoy their alone time. Bravo! says Susie. Many sneak in the time to do it, and some feel guilty, but others say that their partner knows ´´I´m in the other room jacking off.´´ Then, it´s ´´What´s New on Audible´´. Susie has a great new audiobook to recommend: Cinderland, a memoir by Amy Jo Burns, narrated by Jorjeana Marie. This is the story of a small-town piano teacher who has been accused of molesting his students. The girls have lost their innocence and are forever changed. Have a question or news story for Susie? You can send your confidential queries and comments to [Episode 658, May 8, 2015] Explicit Language Warning: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this program. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susie Bright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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